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Check GZIP Compression is a free gzip compression website that will help you to check and enable the gzip compression on your website for free.
You can use this website to check gzip and brotli compression on your website along with few other details that will help you to optimize your website and speedup.

"Compression is the process of encoding information using fewer bits

Ilya Grigorik, Google

A study conducted by Amazon in 2012 clarifies that if their website loads 1 sec slower than usual, they will lose more than $1.6 billion of sales.

The website's speed depends upon file size, if the files are small, the faster it will load. GZIP compressional is the type of file format & software application that compresses HTTP content, this compression is known to shrink data by up to 80%. As a result, the page speed will increase.

Not just limited to page speed, GZIP is also responsible for decreasing bandwidth consumption & reduced SSL overhead.

Mostly HTML & CSS files have lots of repeated code & blank spaces; GZIP/Brotli compresses standard strings, locates similar lines within a text file, and tentatively replaces them to make the overall file size smaller.

No matter what types of websites you have, Activating GZIP compression is too easy, but harder to check whether the compression is correctly activated or not is too difficult.

We have seen hundreds of websites and blogs sharing different methods to check it; those methods are too hard; for beginners, it is challenging to check GZIP compression.

For your convenience, we have developed this free tool, now what you have to do is to enter your domain & click on "Test Now."

If your WordPress users, install our plugin from WordPress repo, which enables you to check directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Why Use GZIP Compression?

  • Activating gzip compression is standard practice.
  • Compress your web page by 80%.
  • Less bandwidth will consume.
  • Website speed will increase.